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Compensation & Rewards

Make a difference with LegalShield

Whether you’re looking to forge a new path or just make some extra cash on the side, LegalShield makes it easy to start selling, build a team, and earn residual income. And most importantly, you’re helping more people acquire affordable, accessible legal coverage.

More Plans. More Payments.

It’s all up to you. You can work as a solo associate or recruit team members. Here is a breakdown of your compensation and incentives:

Your average income based on selling a plan every…

Month – $230.21 Week – $920.84 Day – $6,906.31


Step One

Start Selling Today

The best time to start selling was yesterday. The next best time is right now. The logic is simple—the more you sell, the higher your level. The higher your level, the higher the commissions. All payments come in the form of an advanced commission, making it easier to keep track of your sales and stay focused and driven.

Your average income based on selling a plan every…

Month – $1,496.43 Week – $5,985.72 Day – $44,829.90


Step Two

Assemble a Sales Team

You’re a serious, determined salesperson. The best way to boost your commission is by recruiting new associates to work under you. Build up your downline and watch your profits rise. Your actual numbers vary on the advancements of your downline associates, but there’s no way to go but up.


Step Three

Earn a Little Extra

By now, you’re doing great. Sales numbers are high and your team is following suit. But remember to stay involved and keep your members and associates happy. Why? You’ll earn residual income for every month your members stay with the plan after the first year.


Step Four

Welcome to the Performance Club

For the truly competitive associates, our points system is the perfect way to make your way to the top. Associates get one point for each new member they sign up and two points for each new associate. Collect points to earn prizes, trips, and more.

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